Kenny caving in Mexico

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Who can be a Member

Our membership includes people from all walks of life and ranges from experts who been caving for over 20 years to novice beginners. Our group activities range from hard-core exploration to beginner to armchair caving to family outings.  We also do kid friendly caving because we love introducing young people to caving and don’t forget to bring your dogs to our spring and fall camping/caving trips, we love dogs!

You just need to have an interest in caving to join.

You do not have to live in Delaware to be a member of our caving club. We have members from all across the country so don’t let that stop you from joining.

Types of Membership

There are basically two types of membership; Individual and Family. Individual members must be at least 18 years old. For Family membership, only the head of household needs to be 18 years old to pay dues. All other members of the family can then become members at no additional cost. We do ask that all family members (except spouses), upon reaching 18, join the club as an Individual member.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of CCCC, you’ll receive e-mail updates on the latest happenings with the club. You can also attend our fun monthly meetings full of drinks, food and lots of cave talk. We also hold an annual Holiday Party with an auction where you may be able to pick up caving equipment cheap. And the best benefit (I think) of membership is our Spring and Fall trips to cave country (usually West Virginia or Virginia, but not always) where you’ll get to go caving with a fun group of people who’ll show you where some awesome caves are. I guarantee you’ll have the best time ever!

We also publish a bi-yearly newsletter with upcoming events, cave news, photos and stories from our previous and upcoming events. This is delivered by email.

There is also a private Facebook group where we talk about caving, share photos and stories of our latest caving trips. You can ask questions, post your own pictures and find out about other fun activities the club is doing. The newsletter will be achieved here (under files) just in case you  miss it in your inbox. We’ll send you a request to join the private FB group once you have paid your memberships fee.

So if this interests you, keep reading …

Membership Requirements 

The only requirement is an interest in exploring the underground world in a safe and responsible manner.

How to Join 

Membership dues are $10 per year for both Individuals and Family memberships. You couldn’t ask for a better bargain!

The best way to join is to come to one of our monthly meetings held every 3rd Thursday of the month. If you’re planning to come to a meeting send us an email beforehand so we know to look out for you as sometimes our meeting place changes. Contact us here.

But if you can’t join us in person contact us and we’ll send you our mailing address so you can join our club by mail.

You’ll find the Membership Form Here.  Bring your form with you to our next meeting along with your $10 and we’ll get you signed up. At this time we only accept cash or check.

Thanks for joining and hope to see you underground!

CCCC team